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ACTDEC is an independent body whose function is to provide frameworks and accreditation structures for providers of distance or online ELT training. This mission is motivated by the need for such globally available programmes to be monitored for the benefit of course providers, employers and students.


We are one of the longest-standing accreditation bodies for distance and online TESOL training. We work closely with both experienced and new providers to help make your course provision the best possible learning experience for your trainee teachers. Our experienced Audit & Accreditation Panel members provide detailed reports and friendly advice to help you every step of the way.

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Our detailed Code of Practice and Key Performance Indicators enable you to decide quickly whether we are a good fit for your organisation.



ACTDEC is one of the longest-standing internationally recognised independent accreditation bodies for TESOL distance/online courses. Our goal is to raise the standards of online TESOL provision and to protect aspiring TESOL teachers from sub-standard preparation. With our more than 20 years of experience, members of the public – and importantly, the profession – trust us. 

  • Accreditation and audit leading to development and improvement

The expertise and recommendations from our A&A Panel and the accreditation process itself help you to reflect on all aspects of your organisation and implement improvements on issues that you may not otherwise have considered.

  • More than just a rubber stamp!

At ACTDEC you can rest assured that we don't just wave you through the process using a standardised checklist. Our aim is to help you improve. That means putting in the time and effort needed, but the end result is well worth it!

  • Joint advertising and website promotion

ACTDEC aims to have a presence at several international conferences annually and to display a series of professional awareness advertisements in prominent ELT magazines and journals. In addition, potential students can find you on our website.

  • Networking

ACTDEC provides opportunities to compare notes with other members through networking and seminars. Our blog will keep you up to date on the latest thinking for teacher training in the TESOL world.

  • Arbitration support

ACTDEC offers independent arbitration between you and your students in the event that a grievance cannot be resolved through your internal procedures. 

  • Certification

As an accredited member you are entitled to use the ACTDEC logo and Level Stamp on your marketing literature, website and student certificates.

  • Memberships

ACTDEC is a member of IATEFL and its Special Interest Group (SIG), Teacher Training and Education. This means that our accredited members have access to IATEFL's tri-monthly magazine 'Voices' and SIG updates, as well as webinars and other events.

what our members say

the really great teacher company

“We would like to thank ACTDEC for their support, guidance, and professionalism through which we were able to improve, update and polish our TEFL course during their thorough accreditation process. Their continued approachability and regular communications and updates have been excellent.”

tefl lemon

“Thanks so much for spending the time to speak to me yesterday. You've really set me on the right track and I'm looking forward to writing new sections of the course and making improvements.”

 global english

“The Audit has been a very positive exercise for us. The depth of your feedback is much appreciated and has certainly helped us reflect critically on what we do and how we present

Global English TESOL. ”

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Tell us a little about your organisation and why you want to get accredited. We will send you our Information Pack so you can decide if we are a good fit for your organisation.

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