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Preliminary Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL




70-100 hours

leading to the qualification

Pre-Cert. (ES) TESOL

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The overall aim of this programme is to provide a basic introduction to TESOL for those who are unfamiliar with the field. It offers a grounding in key concepts and practices for those wishing to assist in the language classroom and/or considering full certification in the future.


This is an introductory level pre-certificate qualification. It testifies to a candidate's understanding of language teaching methods and techniques at a basic level. It is aimed at candidates with no previous experience of teaching English and provides a useful qualification for gap-year teaching posts as Teaching Assistants in a TESOL environment.

description of level

entry requirements

Our providers require that candidates should have a good general education, up to an accepted level for university entrance. Additionally, candidates should be sufficiently proficient in English to be able to benefit from the course and to be able to teach in English at the end of the course.


Download detailed Level Overview and Domains, Standards & Learning Outcomes

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