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who we are

Formed in 1997, Global English TESOL is an established and respected online teacher training organisation with thousands of graduates around the world.

what we do

Based in the UK, we work with individuals, language schools and online teaching companies to provide trained English teachers though our innovative and interactive online and blended training programmes. We also provide continuing professional development courses for more experienced teachers, alongside personalised 1-1 teaching practice and shorter webinar-style programmes. Our courses and observed teaching practice programme are recognised by the Hong Kong Education Bureau as appropriate TEFL entry programmes for the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) scheme.

How we do it

Global English TESOL has built an easy-to-use, custom-made platform to provide our trainees contact with an easy to use interface, interactive video and questions and personal tutor to give helpful advice while you are training. Our website shop offers access to our catalogue of fantastic materials for use straight away in a range of teaching settings, and our YouTube channel has over 100 free videos for ongoing training and development. Enjoy browsing over 100 blogs for teaching tips, top TESOL destinations and job opportunities.

our accredited courses

course name
course level

120 hour Premier TESOL Course


course description

Accredited training, 100% online, study at your own pace on this flexible 120-hour industry-standard accredited TESOL course.

This course covers the internationally accredited ACTDEC Level 3 course material in 28 interactive modules. On the course you will answer a range of tutor-assessed and computer-assessed questions, write two lesson plans, one extended essay take with five 'stop and reflect' sections. This course is for you if you want to qualify as soon as possible with the industry-standard, 120-hour TESOL qualification, and teach English online or in the classroom, so you are ready for today’s EFL job market. Like all our courses, it comes with 24/7 course access - work at your own pace with personal tutor support for feedback, marking and guidance. The course contains a range of material including teaching video, audio, visual, reflective and personalised learning elements to keep you interested and motivated. Customise your learning with our new reflective notes feature and keep on top of your progress with ongoing assessment, tutor feedback, online support regular email course time reminders, that help keep you on track.

150-hour TESOL Advanced course


New revised and updated course content has been created in line with ACTDEC 2020 Level 4 requirements across 35 interactive modules, each with a range of tutor-assessed and computer-assessed questions. There are six 'stop and reflect' sections, one essay and two lesson plans. This course covers all the essential areas in more depth, with increased tutor feedback and an opportunity to boost your confidence and skills. Enjoy 24/7 course access, working at your own pace with personal tutor support for feedback, marking and guidance. This course helps candidates stand out from the typical 120-hour TESOL by providing content in the areas of:
- online English teaching, learning how to set up as an independent online English teacher;
- advanced classroom management, so you’ll know how to teach different levels;
- learner assessment, helping you to effectively manage student progress; and
- professional development, ensuring you keep moving forward in your career post-course.

250-hour TESOL Professional course


The teacher’s choice - give your TESOL resume and skill-set a boost with a prestigious ACTDEC accredited Level 5 qualification and enjoy better worldwide job opportunities. This comprehensive course covers all the material from the ACTDEC 2020 requirements across 52 interactive modules, each with a range of tutor-assessed and computer-assessed questions. There are nine 'stop and reflect' sections, two essays and four lesson plans. The course comprises all the ACTDEC accredited material from our 150-hour TESOL Advanced course, with the addition of the following fascinating study areas:
- online English teaching, where you’ll learn how to optimise Zoom and manage online classes better;
- inclusion in TESOL, to help you understand and support learners with various special needs or disabilities (SEND);
- comprehensive sections on phonetics, showing you how to help your learners improve their spoken English;
- linguistics, where you’ll better appreciate the factors influencing the English language
- advanced learner assessment, so you can design valid and reliable tests for your students;
- sections on the popular exam IELTS  and how to teach it effectively;
- ideas on reflective teaching;
- some current ethical issues in ELT to hone your professional development;
- finally, you choose a topic for your extended essay from a range of interesting options.
Taking you from beginner to expert, step-by-step, this comprehensive course gives great depth and includes topics few other TESOL courses cover.

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