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Advanced Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL




240-250 hours

leading to the qualification

Adv.Cert (TM) TESOL

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The overall aim of the Level 5 Advanced Certificate programme is to foster the development of professional knowledge, competence and skills by providing an in-depth exploration of TESOL theory and application in practice. Throughout, there is a focus on the implications for teaching and learning in context, catering to a range of different learners and their needs. At this level, candidates delve deeper into the areas of theories of language and language learning; identifying and catering to individual learner variables; assessment theory and practice; and professionalism.


The Advanced Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL is a pre-service or professional development certificate level training programme. It testifies to a candidate’s mastery of English, in-depth knowledge of language teaching methods and to having a broad knowledge base with reference to current and historic research and theories in the field of TESOL. It is aimed at TESOL practitioners with some experience teaching who wish to develop their understanding of theory and practice to benefit their own teaching. However, it can also be taken by a candidate with little or no experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages as it includes and goes beyond foundation level skills and knowledge.

description of level

entry requirements

Our providers require that candidates should have a good general education, up to an accepted level for university entrance. Additionally, candidates should be sufficiently proficient in English to be able to benefit from the course and to be able to teach in English at the end of the course.


Download detailed Level Overview and Domains, Standards & Learning Outcomes

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